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In May of 2006, Nancy Berman, Director and founder of Sports Recovery Systems, opened the first distribution company for Game Ready (Equine), in Canada. Riding since she was 5, given her love of horses and her belief in Game Ready Equinethis was a natural path for Nancy. Helping horses with acute or chronic injury, or working with a daily maintenance program to provide a stronger and healthier leg for these athletes- She took Game Ready Equine across Canada for many years, renting and selling to all disciplines: Dressage, Show Jumping, 3 Day Eventing and Reiner’s, as well as working with Veterinarian practitioners.

In 2008, Game Ready was approved in Canada by the FDA for the human market, which made for a seamless transition into the human line for Sports Recovery Systems. Based on the medical transference of the effects of cryo and intermittent therapy of tissue between equine and human medicine, the treatments for acute and chronic injuries were similar. Nancy promoted this knowledge and the science behind this modality and this it was quickly adopted by all the Canadian National Sports Teams, Colleges and Private clinics.

In 2016 Sports Recovery Systems expanded and has added to the list of modalities available while still focusing on acute and chronic pain, along with soft tissue issues for both the Equine and Human patients.

Sam Sport, Sustained Acoustic Medicine is a wearable, low intensity, therapeutic ultrasound (LITUS)device for active, multi-hour treatment at home, work or even while working out. This was a natural “fit” for Sports Recovery’s clientele who are currently using this system – Canadian National Sports Teams, Universities and Private Clinics.

Ultra Oz – (Equine version to Sam Sport) is also used as a performance and recovery therapy. i.e. splints, osteoarthritis, tendon or ligament injury, high suspensory. It too is used by top trainers, riders and veterinarians across North America.

Power Play is another Cold and Compression system

Pressure Ice Therapy for the Equine Athlete.