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Powerplay Wraps

Cold compression therapy combines the benefits of cold therapy and compression therapy to provide optimal results for pain and swelling relief. Studies have shown that people who use cold therapy and compression therapy together as opposed to just one of those therapies alone recover from their injuries significantly faster. The many benefits of cold compression therapy include reducing pain, swelling, and edema, while promoting faster healing and muscle recovery, and stimulating blood flow. PowerPlay combines the benefits of a cold therapy machine (or cold therapy unit) and a compression machine to deliver intermittent compression therapy – meaning the compression pump inflates the wrap to the desired pressure, holds for 10 seconds, releases, then inflates again. Intermittent compression has been proven to be more effective than static compression because it moves the blood more effectively, helping push the swelling out of the system. PowerPlay also offers cold therapy through frozen gel packs or ice bags, which have been proven to reduce pain.

Cold and compression therapy can be applied to a variety of situations including post-surgical rehabilitation (such as MCL and ACL surgery recovery), injuries such as sprains, fractures, and tears, as well as pain and swelling. Most athletes are familiar with the RICE method for recovering from injuries, which stands for Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation. While we leave rest and elevation up to you, PowerPlay uses advanced technology to make your ice and compression more effective.


Powerplay Standard Knee Wrap

Standard Knee Wrap

The PowerPlay Knee Wrap is perfect for: ACL injuries, ACL surgery recovery, Meniscus tears, Tendinitis, Pain management, Knee replacement, Collateral ligament injuries. Helps to reduce ACL surgery recovery time.

Powerplay 360 knee wrap

360 ̊ Knee Wrap

The PowerPlay 360 Knee Wrap works great for: ACL injuries, MCL injuries, ACL surgery recovery, Meniscus tears, Tendinitis, Pain management, Knee replacement, Collateral ligament injuries. Helps to reduce ACL surgery recovery time.

Powerplay Shoulder Wrap

Shoulder Wrap

The PowerPlay Shoulder Compression Wrap is a great option for: arthroscopic stabilization or repair capsulolabral reconstruction, clavical fractures, rotator cuff repair, shoulder replacement, dislocated shoulder rehab

Powerplay Ankle Wrap

Ankle Wrap

The PowerPlay Ankle Wrap is perfect for: achilles tendon ruptures or tears, lateral ankle repair, pain, sprains, strains, or fractures, plantar fasciitis, bone spurs, sesamoiditis, tendon surgery

Powerplay Wrist Wrap

Wrist Wrap

Try the PowerPlay Wrist Wrap for: sprains, strains, fractures, tendonitis, Carpal Tunnel, pain management.

Powerplay Elbow Wrap

Elbow Wrap

The PowerPlay Elbow Wrap works great for: Elbow replacement, interposition arthroplasty, pain, sprains, strains, or fractures, Tommy John surgery, bursitis, synovectomy, tennis elbow, cycling elbow pain

Powerplay Hip Wrap

Hip Wrap

The PowerPlay Hip Wrap is designed to help with: Hemiarthroplasty, hip resurfacing, pain management, sprains, strains or fractures, hip replacements, bursitis

Powerplay Back Srap

Back Wrap

The PowerPlay Back Wraps are available in two styles: Small Panel, which covers L5 – L1 of the spine and Long Panel, which covers L1 – T9. Both styles of Back Wrap are ideal for any lower to mid-back pain, as well as post-operative stabilization, compression fractures and more.

Powerplay Calf Wrap

Calf Massager Wraps

Try the PowerPlay Calf Massage Wraps for: Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS), muscle fatigue, muscle recovery, calf muscle pain, circulation improvement

Contraindications: Do not use the PowerPlay Calf Massager if you have a DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis, or blood clot in the lower leg).


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