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UltrOZ™ Elite is the most effective and longest lasting means of providing clinically effective Low Intensity Therapeutic Ultrasound (LITUS).

UltraOZUltrasound therapy has been used by Veterinarians for decades to treat common soft tissue and bone fracture injuries. Issues treated using ultrasound include:

  • Tendon & Suspensory Injuries
  • Splints
  • Muscle Strain & Tear
  • Fracture and Bone Chip Repair
  • Minor strains, bumps, bruises, & inflammation

Developed by researchers at Cornell University, UltrOZ Elite makes an effective and well regarded therapy easy to use. No more active administration, no more large machines!

Attaching the device is quick and easy. Simply place the device near the injury using the specially engineered neoprene wraps and ultrasound gel. Turn the device on and therapy begins. Estimated preparation time is 5 minutes or less. Treatment times range 2 – 4 hours without any active supervision required.

Ultrasound therapy is scientifically proven to increase healing and provide pain relief. You cannot over-treat with UltrOZ and internal fail safes prevent thermal injury risk.  UltrOZ Elite is a safe, easy to use system for daily treatment of frustrating injuries.


Janus Marquis

​Equine Physiotherapist, US Olympic Show Jumping Team

Janus Marquis is the official equine physiotherapist for the US. Olympic show jumping team. Over the last three Olympics, Janus has tended some of the best equine athletes in the world and is known for her cutting-edge technology. At the 2012 Games in London, she added another tool to her treatment arsenal, a wearable low ­intensity therapeutic ultrasound (LITUS) the UltrOZ Elite. Here are her observations on the modality and its low intensity evolution.

Therapeutic ultrasound has countless benefits; I’ve used it for years as a pre and post-performance tool. It relaxes connective tissue, increasing the benefits of stretching, which reduces the probability of injury. I use it on tight muscles in the back, gluteals and hamstrings, and on legs with a history of tendon and ligament injury. This can greatly reduce the chances of re-injury.
I use ultrasound therapy before stretching out the horse. This is often more important after exertion to facilitate the removal of lactic acid and increase the range of motion in joints, allowig for better recovery.

Ultrasound therapy also reaches deep tissues to relieve inflammation. It increases circulation and flexibility by pushing nutrients through cellular structures. This allows for deep, penetrating healing. I also use them successfully on sore feet. Continuous, low-intensity waves react well with the density of the hoof wall, helping retain and focus energy to amplify the benefits.
Unlike many products on the market, therapeutic ultrasound is a modality with real, documented benefits and a long history of research. The biological effects were first recognized in I 927. So far, it has only belonged in the hands of highly trained professionals. It has to be appropriately applied and focused with the correct frequency and wavelength for the treatment area. If used incorrectly, it can cause burning and tissue death. Therapeutic ultrasound is so effective it’s dangerous. Low-intensity ultrasound therapies allow for the benefits, but without the risks of injury. They deliver a low-intensity, continuous­ wave at a fixed frequency. This allows for safe, easy treatments that can be administered by grooms or riders.

Low-intensity ultrasounds require a longer application period to get true physiological benefits, but this helps facilitate saturation and penetration. The makers of my system, The UltrOZ Elite, have developed a completely wearable LITUS and supply neoprene wraps to apply their units to legs, hocks, backs and stifles. The evolution of low-intensity and the continuous format have eliminated the harmful thermal impact on the surface area. I am very excited about having a treatment that I can safely leave in my clients’ hands and know that the horse will benefit from excellent healing therapy.

Made in the U.S.A., the UltrOZ Elite is the only completely wearable Low-Intensity Therapeutic Ultrasound (LITUS) available. The system was developed in collaboration with Cornell University and is manufactured by ZetrOZ.



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