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HaygainHaygain’s range of steamers are scientifically proven to improve equine health, welfare and well-being.  We understand the importance of good quality, clean forage together with hygienic stable air quality for the respiratory system and overall health of the horse. Developed by Riders for Riders, Haygain’s scientists are committed to improving equine health through research and innovation in the respiratory and digestive health spheres. Our products are proven to reduce respirable dust, mould and bacteria in hay and haylage: the result is a fragrant and appetising hay, ideal for fussy eaters and horses recovering from surgery or illness. Our products are used and recommended by many of the world’s leading riders, trainers and equine vets. We look forward to helping improve your horse’s health, save you money and make life easier.


Benefits of Steaming Hay

  • Steaming hay kills the mold spores and reduces dust by binding it to the hay and allowing it to pass through the digestive system
  • Horses with any airway disease such as inflammatory airway disease (IAD) or recurrent airway obstruction (RAO) will benefit from having mold spore free and dust free hay
  • The palatability of the hay increases when steamed as well as being a softer forage from the addi-tional moisture. Increased palatability becomes an instant benefit for those horses that are “hard keepers”
  • Post-operative colic horses are perfect candidates for steamed hay as they are often reluctant to eat and the steamed hay is much more appetizing when they don’t feel well
  • The increase in moisture is helpful for our mature and aging horses with poor dentition. The softer the hay is, the less they have to chew and are less prone to choking as well
  • This entire process takes approximately one hour depending on ambient temperature, size of bale and type of hay being steamed.
  • Once properly steamed, the hay can be fed immediately or within 12 hours of steaming.


Features of the Haygain Steamers (Portable HG One, Half Bale, Full Bale)

  • STEAM CHEST – Double walled and thermally insulated to maintain critically high temperatures and has a robust construction to withstand the demands of barn life. Rounded profile for barn safety
  • STEAM MANIFOLD – Patented design includes Spikes that penetrate the bale and the steam is injected into the center of the bale and distributed throughout evenly. Also the flat portion of the manifold acts as a hot plate to further conduct heat
  • ALL FITTINGS AND COUPLINGS are either brass or stainless steel for durability
  • HEAVY DUTY WHEELS for maneuverability
  • HANDLE ON CHEST and stainless steel latches to secure lid


Haygain HG OneHaygain HG-One Portable Hay Steamer

The HG-One is HAYGAIN’s latest development and is ideal for use with 1 or 2 horses or when traveling to ensure that your horse’s diet maintains consistency.

Commercially rated 120 volt 1,500 watt steam boiler (requires 12.5 amps of electricity), with a 1 gallon water capacity featuring dual thermostats, safety features, capacity indicator and quick release steam hose fittings.

The total steaming cycle from a cold start is approximately 60 minutes depending on the ambient temperature, type of hay and density of hay compaction. The boiler will run for 2 hours per filling.

Double skinned and thermally insulated lid designed to reach and maintain the critically high temperatures required to effectively steam hay


  • Engineered polymers used in the rotational molding process create a high strength, hard wall chest
  • 35 gallon hay capacity (fits 4 to 6 flakes easily)
  • All fittings are brass for durability
  • 5 spikes mounted on the die cast aluminum manifold ensure steam penetrates the center of the hale for even distribution
  • Portable design with simple setup and operation
  • Commercially designed and manufactured stainless steel boiler unit with die cast aluminum housing is made in the USA



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