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  • What makes the Centurion Therapulse Blanket unique is its ability to treat the entire body of the horse in one session.
  • The blanket contains 10 coils placed strategically along its length in order to treat the horse as efficiently as possible.
  • These coils are removable allowing for easy laundering.
  • The durability factor comes from the heavy cotton twill used to manufacture the blanket.
  • The Therapulse Blanket comes with two batteries (providing 5 to 6 hours of operating time), a Centurion controller and a durable Pelican case for easy storage and portability.
  • The Therapulse is on a 30 minute timer, freeing the operator from constant monitoring.


  • Battery operated
  • Timed treatment
  • Portable
  • Targets entire body
  • Washable (Read manual instructions before cleaning your unit)


  • Frequency: 2, 15, 30 Hz.
  • Timer: 30 Minutes
  • Unit weight: 8 Kg. (17.6 lb.)
  • Unit Dimensions: 198cm (78") x 360cm (42")

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