Sports Recovery Systems specializes in Accelerated Recovery Systems for acute and chronic injuries (especially Sports related injures) and following orthopedic surgery.  ie ACL, MCL – We provide several alternative treatments from PowerPlay™, sam Sport™ and Sport Recovery Systems to provide you with the best treatment for your injury.

Cold compression therapy applied to an injury, can decrease pain, muscle spasms, tissue damage and swelling.  Cold prevents the furthering of swelling/inflammation while compressions external force physically flushes the inflammation along to the lymphatic system.  Compression is a preferred method as the injured area is rhythmically squeezed and released.  Therefore by applying cold and intermittent compression together it helps accelerate the healing process by preventing inflammation and reducing swelling in one treatment.  Which helps the body heal faster and better.

S.A.M.  Sustained Acoustic Medicine is the wearable ultrasound for multi-hour  treatment to reduce pain and accelerate the natural healing cascade for musculosketal injuries and recovery

Whether you are a patient in need of post-operative recovery from surgery (ACL, MCL, Rotator Cuff, Back etc) or you would like to work on a preventative maintenance program for your soft tissue, Sports Recovery Systems has proven modalities that will look after your needs.



Sports Recovery Systems Clients

Our clients choose the injury treatment systems of choice for thousands of prominent orthopedic and vet clinics, athletic training, physical therapy centers, and athletes and teams in nearly every professional sport – including the NFL, NBA, MLB, MLS, and NHL.  Sports Recovery Systems is proud to have worked with the teams and organizations below to keep their players and members in the game – Toronto Maple Leafs, Toronto Marlies, Toronto Raptors, Ottawa Senators, Vancouver Canunks, BC Lions, Hamilton Tigercats, Snowboard Canada Federation, Alpine Canada, Freestyle Canada, Cycling Canada, Rugby Canada, Redbull Canada, McMaster University, Guelph University, Laval University and more.